The Beatles Play Along Song Tracks

Beatles Play Along Song Tracks let you play one of the instruments in a Beatles song. They are also great for learning a new song, or backing your band during a performance! Our library lets you pick the instrument that you play, and we produce your custom Beatles song with a track that is just your instrument, and a second track that includes everything but your instrument, so you can play along after learning your part. You’ll also get a bonus Beatles song track of all the instruments mixed to sound like the original Beatles recording.
Any combination of instruments can be removed to produce a custom Beatles backing track to meet your needs. Allow 24 to 48 hrs. to produce some custom tracks. Please contact us for these special requests.
Professional grade custom made Beatles music arrangements at low prices. Bands and performers we can provide custom Beatles song tracks for your CD player, multi track or midi system. You can select the instrument tracks that are needed to fill in the instrumentation that you don’t have, for a fuller sound when you’re performing! For our professional customers we include click tracks and custom pitch shifting if needed. We can also mix your prerecorded backing vocal tracks into your custom Beatles song track. Allow 24 to 48 hrs. to produce some custom tracks. Please contact us for price quotes on these.
Listen to a few sample Beatles play along song tracks!      SAMPLES

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