Beatles Backing Tracks Playback Equipment

For our Beatles backing tracks users that do not have a sound system to use our Beatles tracks with, we are offering this inexpensive Peavey mixer and cable with microphone and headphone options. Nothing beats the amazing sounds of jamming along with headphones on, when using our Beatles backing tracks. It’s like you’re right there on stage with the Beatles! This Peavey mixer provides volume controls on each input so you can blend your sound into the pre-recorded Beatles music track to sound just like you are actually playing/singing along with the Beatles. You can also “Pan” your vocals or instrument to the same position as in the original Beatles recordings for even greater realism. The cable features an 1/8″ plug that plugs into your computer, smart phone or Ipod and a 1/4″ plug to go into the input of the mixer. See note below for correct signal levels. Then, you can plug your musical instrument or microphone into another 1/4″ or XLR input on the mixer. The 1/4″ mixer output goes to your power amp, instrument amp, powered speaker system, or use the headphone output. If you want to sing along but do not own a microphone we offer the Mixer & Microphone package at great savings as well.
Important Note Be sure to match output levels on your playback device to the correct input on the mixer. See our connection diagram for details.

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