How To Use Our Beatles Song Tracks

No need to invest in any equipment if you want to use our Beatles song tracks through your speaker system or instrument amplifier. Just play them through any audio device and jam along. Our system of Beatles backing tracks and audio equipment allow you to blend your instrument or vocals into the prerecorded Beatles backing tracks as if you were playing or singing along with the rest of the band. Put headphones on and you won’t disturb the rest of the house plus you get the added thrill of sounding like you are live in the middle of it all.  There’s no better way to enjoy your playing or singing, than to learn a part then jam along with the rest of the band, in this case tracks that sound just like the Beatles.

Performers and bands, we offer these professional quality Beatles song backing tracks customized with click tracks, pitch shifting and other customizing as needed. Please see our “play along” web page for details and this handy performer’s diagram.

For our beginner friends who want to learn to sing and play Beatles music. Our Beatles play along song and Beatles sing along song tracks provide the ultimate learning tool  for beginner and novice musicians. We offer tracks that help you learn to play the Guitar, Drums, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Piano, Violin, Cello, even Harmonica. Our Beatles sing along song tracks provide all the lyrics for the songs as well.  All Beatles Song Lyrics

Parents – help your beginner or novice musician learn to play by keeping them interested in their music or singing lessons. This combination of Beatles play along song or Beatles sing along song tracks with a bit of music equipment that we offer, provides a forum that will make them stick to it like a computer game.  The Beatles play along song tracks include a separate track with just the one instrument that you are playing so you can learn by ear. You can play a single part over and over to make it easy to learn. If extra help is needed, you can access the multitudes of online tab sheets that are available.

Try our tracks without buying any equipment. If you want to give it an inexpensive try, take a look at our basic connection diagram showing you how to hookup using equipment you might have at home.

Using our Yamaha audio mixer kit makes it easy. We offer the basic kit including the Peavey mixer and a cable so you can use your own amplifier or headphones. Just plug your computer/Ipod/Smart Phone/etc. into the cable that we provide and the other end goes into the mixer. Plug your microphone, guitar, electric drums, electric piano,  or any other electrified or mic’d instrument you play into the mixer as well. Then blend the volumes to get the perfect sound in your headphones or amplifier. See this Beatles sing along or Beatles play along connection diagram for wiring help.

Don’t have headphones, microphone, or an amplifier? No problem, we have other “kits” to fill that need as well, and it’s the same simple process to hook up and get jamming.

Getting your Beatles backing track is easy. Simply go to our website to purchase the track that you want, then follow directions to download it onto your device of choice (computer, smart phone, etc.). Then all you have to do is connect your playback device to your amplifier or use one of our mixer kits mentioned here and in our “playback equipment” web page.