Sing/Play Along Connection Diagram

Basic connection diagram

This Beatles backing track hookup is shown using basic equipment that you may have around the home. If you play an acoustic instrument you can simply jam along with your playback device and powered speakers. With an electric instrument, plug into your amp and go!

This next setup lets you blend into the mix as if you were part of the Beatles recording. It sounds fantastic!

Sing along & Play along connection diagram

This Beatles backing track hookup is shown using a generic stereo mixer to give the full effects of the stereo tracks as in the original Beatles music. It is possible to use a mono mixer by simply plugging the left and right cables from the computer device into separate channels. That will give you a mono playback but you will still be able to enjoy all of the sounds from the original Beatles recordings. Be sure to set both left and right channel volumes at the same level.

Important Note – Be sure to match your playback device output levels with the correct input on the mixer. Always start with volume controls at near minimum settings on both the playback device and the mixer. If you are using “line output” on your playback device, (with our Peavey PV6), plug into mixer inputs 3/4 or 5/6 line inputs. When using a “headphone output”, be sure to lower all volume levels to near minimum to begin with, then plug into mixer inputs 3/4 or 5/6 line inputs and set the mixer gain control to “1”.  Slowly increase levels on the mixer and playback device till the appropriate level is reached. If you can not reach a high enough volume level, slowly turn the gain control towards the “10” position.